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We were so excited when Jessi came back into our lives last year.   Don't know what prompted her, but she accepted an invitation to come over after Luis' weddng and none of our lives have been the same since.  Welcome home, honey.


She is in her sophomore year at North Georgia College in Dahlonega, Georgia.


To write Jessica, click on her picture above.

Jessie phone.bmp (170462 bytes)
Jessica studying at the dorm Kali (Jessica's roommate) studying at the dorm too.  She is an artist (pronounced "ahrteest")  Check out one of her paintings. And when the studying is done...  SPRING BREAK!  Where the officers are so fine.  Here are friends Melissa, Kristy, Kali and Adrian.


Why is it that all studying in the dorm is done with a telephone in one hand?


Here we are "pal"ing around with Clark Howard
She's a super-pledge, super pledge.  She's super-pledgy!