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Thanksgiving Letter


Traditionally, the Christmas Letter originated as a means for families to send news about the milestones in their lives to those who lived too far away to travel.  Over time, this evolved into an annual bragging extravaganza.  The recipients of these letters soon began to dread their receipt.


We would like to start a new tradition.  One where we chronicle the events that occurred throughout the year that were exceptional, and the people who made them happen.  We need to tell those we love how much we appreciate them.  And if we mention any accomplishments in their lives, it is only so we can celebrate their uniqueness.


We have been blessed this year with a great many additions to our lives.  In April, through matrimony, we were increased by the former Christy Churchwell of Grayson, Georgia.  She has been a good wife to Luis and a wonderful daughter to us.  You have to watch the two of them together to understand the magic of young love.  We can hardly wait for Luis’ eventual return to civilian life so that we can see them on a regular basis.


That spring wedding brought all sorts of new life to us.  As if emerging from the ashes, Seth moved home in the spring also.  There have been struggles, I won’t gloss it over, but in the end, we wouldn’t want him anywhere else.  He has made a great many changes in his life adapting to what may seem to be the whims of his parents.  He is working and trying to go back to school, and for that, we are eternally grateful.


Along with Seth, Eric Franzen moved in with us also.  Eric had some personal issues to take care of, and we felt we could “temporarily” fill the gap for him.  Well, just as the seasons change from spring to summer and summer to fall, so have his plans.  He is still living with us and provides a new dimension to our lives. 


We all go through life wondering “what if…”  Rehashing events where we lament the decision we made and wondering how different the outcome would have been with a different response.  The truth is, at those critical points in our lives, we made those decisions because that is what we were comfortable with.  We were too afraid to venture out beyond our emotional or psychological reach.  Fortunately when presented with that difficult decision, Jessica not only stretched herself beyond her circle of comfort, she leapt into the fire.  That’s where we rekindled our relationship.  Thanks honey.


And our Thanksgiving goes beyond the four walls of our home.  We are so extremely fortunate that we have family to increase our celebrations and lighten our misfortunes.  Our joys are compounded in the wonderment of Cameron’s eyes, our mirth in Jacob’s antics, and our arms ache to hold Madelynn and Kyleigh.


We enjoy the little traditions created just to accommodate us.  Whether it’s Dave’s annual 4th of July bash, or knowing that Christmas Eve dinner will be Italian sausage and fixings.  It is what we enjoy and what we will remember long into the winter of our lives.  In years to come, our kids and grandkids will wonder, “Why is it that we do…”  It’s just a shame we all may not be there to see it.


We are thankful for each and every one of you.  We pray that God blesses you with what you most need.  Finally, because we know that life is God’s most precious gift, we are so appreciative for Jack’s continued health.


Please have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a New Year piled high and deep with joy.


We love you,


Luis & Cheryl