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bulletShe is in the 9th grade at Collins Hill High School.
bulletA T T E N T I O N   A T L A N T A  -- She now has her learners permit.  Consider yourself warned and act accordingly.
bulletShe is an avid snowboarder
bulletDuring this past ski season she began training for Ski Patrol.  I see all of you boys out there lining up for CPR, and I'm not happy about it!
bulletAnd, she plays basketball too.

Did I mention that she plays basketball?

An astute defender, here she is waiting for her competitor to make just the slightest mistake. Getting the rebound, 'ol number 30 streaks down court for the fast break with blinding speed. Stopping abruptly for the 3 pointer...  SHE SCORES!!!

Kristen scores about 4 points per game, and is an incredible asset for her team.  By the way, her team went to the second round of the tournament this year.