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Luis & Cheryl

This page was last updated 03/04/2003

  shopping days until Luis' Birthday ! ! ! !

bulletMarried in a private ceremony on August 11, 1990 in Lilburn, Georgia.
bulletCurrently living in fashionable Dunwoody.
bulletCheryl is also a full time student at Oglethorpe University.  She is now completing her junior year, is on the Dean's List, and is doing all of this while working full-time!
bulletWe love to vacation in Destin, Florida
bullet Check out these pics from our "Memorial Day is too long to wait for a party" party
bullet Wassa matta you, eh?  Here's proof that even if you live in Dunwoody, you can act like a fool and have fun all in the same night

Yes, this is another photo from Destin (I told you we liked vacationing there). Here I am with my other best girls, Jessica and Kristen.  Life is good.