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The stuff we like

Other Camacho Websites

This area is reserved for other Camacho families wishing to include links to their site

Family Sites - My brother Alfredo's website.  Lots of good information here, and plenty of links for others.  Oh, and some nice Hawaii pics too. - This is my nephew Rafi's website.  A small peak into the mind of a college guy. - I can't vouch for this site.  It is Rafi's brother Gaby's site.  Replete with toilet humor and other oddities. - One more Garcia site.  This one belongs to my niece (you guessed it Rafi and Gaby's sister) Ana.  If you like Xtreme sports, you have something in common.  Have a look see.

Http:// - Okay, a personal plug for my own site.  It's more like my on-line resume.  My site, my links.  Deal with it

Informational Sites    

Nealz_link.bmp (7078 bytes) He's definitely not for everybody.  Yet, it seems everybody could benefit from his wisdom.

Clark_howard.bmp (6678 bytes) Now this guy can either help you save money, or spend it wisely.  Either way you come out ahead.

- American for Fair Tax (AFT).  All of us pay way too much in taxes.  This group is all about a consumption tax.  Let's abolish the IRS!

- If you live in Atlanta and don't know God, these folks can help you make that connection.